I sell digital files for your personal use and prints. These can be purchased at my commerce site http://ralphkomives.zenfolio.com. This site contains over 5,500 photos for the Bonneville Speed Week events 2010 to 2013. The 2014 event was canceled.

Purchased photos and digital files will not be water marked.

If you see a photo in one of the daily web pages you are interested in, you can find it easily in my Zen Folio site by using the search link on that page. There are three ways to search.

     Copy the file name from the daily site and paste it into the Zen Folio search. For example, the photo below is komives13_8108271z (all file names will start with Komives and end with a "z").

     The entire Zen Folio site is organized by year and car number. Cars can also be searched by number. The example below can be found by searching #560. The prefix for all car numbers is #.

     Often photos can be searched by owner or driver; so a search for "bones" will locate all the Rolling Bones race car photos.

I retain copyright to all photos. You can print the purchased photo for your personal use. If you want to use one of my images for any other purpose (e.g., commercial, web site, tee shirts) please contact me so we can create a rights management agreement.

If you live outside the USA or Canada please contact me and I will try to facilitate your request.

About ordering photographs or digital files.